• Expansive Learning

    What if your Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware prohibits you from interacting with the world as it is. What if it keeps you imprisoned on a small, rectangular 'knowledge continent' with limited possibilities? Wouldn't you want to know? Wouldn't you want to Expand Your Box and explore further dimensions of life?


    If you want to, then here is how!


    The experimenting is up to you.

  • Recover Your Expansive Learning Talents

    'Defensive Learning' is what you learn to do in school. Defensive Learning means you can only learn what you already know about. Anything that does not fit onto your Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware knowledge continent is regarded as irrelevant, invisible, or dangerous. But hat if it isn't? 

    The kind of learning you did before you went to school is called 'Expansive Learning'. With Expansive Learning you can add knowledge to many knowledge continents simultaneously. 

    Even if the knowledge on one knowledge continent seems to contradict knowledge on another knowledge continent, this is not a problem. 

    The Universe is complex and diverse. There are many ways of knowing and untold vast domains to explore and become skillful in. 

    Join the learning revolution and recover your Expansive Learning skills. 

    No one can do this for you. 

    More interestingly, no one can stop you from doing it. 

    Here is how:

































  • Experiments

    Welcome the next Now

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    Welcome things that call your life in question.
    If you approach learning from a state of openness and the perspective that everything you do and perceive is a part of yourself you will start to form a connection to it and therefore will encounter some form of interest and therefore learn.

    Welcome means that you are not resisting the change.

    Relaxation instead of Collapsing is a basic state for expansive learning

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    If your body is rigid, your mind might be too hence also your feelings.

    Flow comes with the fluidity of muscles, bones tendons etc. Find a practice that serves your openness to life. Maybe start with moving from the 4 feelings.


    If you approach yourself as an energy system that floats and is in flow and therefore floats with its environment depending on its state of being you will start to realize that to come to an end would mean you are dead and therefore done.
    The state of learning is higher than the state of knowing because it is open to all possibilities. Knowing is a state of endedness. It serves the illusion that you can be done with things or ideas or concepts.

    Decontamination of your adult ego state


    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    Check for yourself if there is a part of you that thinks, feels, or moves as it can be done with things and go into parts work with it. What are his needs, desires, feelings or questions…. Ask for a spaceholder with someone who can lead you through that process.


    Defensive Learning, sorry to break it to you, is a patriarchal concept which is problem-solution based. It serves closeness, the illusion of security, endedness or rigidness.
    If everything is in expansion all the time the only thing that you can fix upon is what principles you serve while moving, changing, and exploring.

    Thrive through 5 Bodies

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    If you take the perspective that everyone has 5 bodies and therefore 4 feelings there are multiple possible ways to question things.


    Welcome the idea to explore for an answer by approaching it with another body of yours that you usually choose e.g. you want to learn about connection: start hanging from your bones or if you want to learn about love offer free hugs for one day and notice the feedbacks that you get going like that through your world, you want to learn about reading start reading with your eyes closed…and so on

    Destill your Bright Principles


    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    After you distill and jack-in to your Bright Principles, the world works differently for you. Below you will find suggestions for how to use and be used by 'something greater than yourself', plus practical Experiments to try that build your Bright Principles navigation skills

    Get to know your Gremlin


    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    We tend to make an enemy of calling our life into question because we are forced to a know it in a patriarchal modern culture.
    Especially in Crisis the know, it all reaches a breaking point cause if we resist the fear of the unknown and that creates more resistance. It is like a concept that eats itself.

    Create or join a Possibility Team


    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00


    Expansion also means that everything and everyone is expanding if there is no resistance to it. So be open to the idea that explorers will meet and serve creation together and you don’t have to do everything alone.

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00

    Matrix Code XPANSLRN.00

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